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European Space Agency Backs Blockchain Satellite Project

Blockchain startup SpaceChain has won a 60,000 euro grant from the European Space Agency (ESA) to investigate use-cases for their satellite-based blockchain wallet system. Announced today by the company, the grant by the ESA’s “kick-start activities” fund bolsters SpaceChain’s efforts to put a hyper-secure, multi-signature, distributed satellite network in orbit. …

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Masternode Network Coin Prices Take Beating in 2019

The prices of digital coins that offer Masternode staking have suffered in 2019, crashing additionally despite the incentive to hold onto the assets. The market prices have also sunk against Bitcoin (BTC). Masternodes Promise High Returns The promises for passive earnings from various Masternode forms have failed to materialize, shows …

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Cryptocurrency Dash to Begin Trading on Coinbase Pro

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced its listing of cryptocurrency dash following an exploration period with the exchange that ended last week. Deposits will be accepted today followed by trades opening Tuesday at 16:00 UTC. Coinbase announced its review of eight cryptocurrencies earlier last month. Of those under study, dash is the …

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Bitcoin News Summary – September 16, 2019

Here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin.  Bitmain opened sales for its new Antminer S17e and T17e Bitcoin mining ASICs this week. The first batch was quickly sold out. The units are said to achieve high efficiency with max hash rate of 64 Terahash per second but cost up …

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