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Winnest – ICO Review

Winnest is trying to create a marketplace where all the stakeholders benefit from the transactions which are conducted online. Normally, in the current situation, the e-commerce platform makes money when the sell happens. At the most, the affiliate will be able to get a small commission when the sell happens. However, the affiliates do research a lot and find out the right way to get traffic. That is why the amount of work which is involved is pretty immense.

Winnest, on the other hand, is building a platform on the blockchain technology which will improve the buying power of the prospective buyers. It is also inducing the social aspect which ensures that shared advertising is made possible through various stakeholders as well. This will ensure that instead of researching as well as taking a significant amount of effort, the stakeholders who are looking to advertise and earn commissions are able to do so with the help of shared social networks as well. As a result, the amount of work which is involved will decrease.

Moreover, the e-commerce sellers will also be integrated into the platform. This will ensure that it becomes much easier for e-commerce sellers to monitor the entire process as well. Since social marketplace concept will be implemented, it will become easier to monitor the activities of the advertisers as well. This will certainly increase the number of transactions which are being conducted on the platform. Multilevel affiliate income is also possible. With the help of blockchain technology, sales can be easily tracked as well. Once the sales are easily tracked, it will become easier for the affiliates to get their income as well. They will be able to see the stats in real time as well.

Thus, the more the visibility of the content for the advertiser, the higher will be the shared earnings of all the stakeholders who are promoting that content as well. This will significantly reduce the effort on the part of each and every affiliate as well. Also, with the help of the social marketing model, it will become much easier for the affiliate to convince the buyer to buy the product as well. Thus, there will be an overall revenue increase. Currently, the platform is in the process of raising money through a pre-ICO.

Winnest Pre-ICO:

  • Date of pre-ICO: 15-10-2018 to 12-11-2018
  • Token acronym: WN C
  • Price of token: 1 WNC = US$ 0.005
  • Bonus availability: yes
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Currencies accepted: Fiat, BTC, ETC, ETH
  • Minimum investment: US$ 20
  • Soft cap: US$ 3.5 million
  • Hard cap: US$ 20.5 million


Thus, if you believe in the shared economy online and the power of social networks, this is the platform which you can think about investing. As always, you have to research the development team behind the platform before taking a call. One thing which is for sure is that with the help of blockchain technology, efficiencies can be introduced in the e-commerce advertising system as well. This is also one of the main reasons why such a platform holds a lot of promise.

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