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Tutellus – ICO Review

Earn when you learn, this is how cryptocurrencies have revolutionaries the world

The education budget of United States of America alone is $70 billion and the number would multiply repeatedly if the research and other related departments are included. Yet, about 45 million Americans lived poorly as stated in a report by the University of California. We have millions and millions of new admissions into educational institutes every day and the candidates pay heavy amounts to complete their degrees. All of this has done very less to eradicate poverty and no one is talking about it. What if there is a platform where you get paid when you learn? This is right, let me show you how.

Tutellus is one of the revolutionary platforms that started with the cryptocurrencies and Blockchain a few years ago. What this platform does will blow your mind. It has a very disciplined structure that lets you earn while you learn. As much as you grow, you get paid and increase your net value in the market. Job search after doing expensive degrees is no longer the problem, If you are using Tetullus to earn and become a professional, you are automatically being introduced to the market and they know how much have you gained throughout your educational period. If a candidate maintains results and keeps getting the required skills, the market giants will send them the job offers directly through the platform.

So, you must be wondering how it happens and where to begin? It is actually simpler than you think. Tutellus have created their own cryptocurrency that is recognized as the TUT token. The only way to get this token is to learn skills through their platform. Not only that this learning process is free of cost but also a way for the candidates to earn as they progress. The more you learn, the more tokens you get. The more tokens you have, the better. Your profile gets ranked according to the skills and the tokens, which eventually results in job offers from a variety of industrial giants.

What would be better than that? You will get your skills, get TUT tokens and get the finest of the jobs at the same time on one platform powered by the cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is go to the tutellus.io platform, go through their documents so that you know the terms and conditions. Then click on the JOIN ICO button to get started. Good Luck!

Join the Pre-Sale now: https://www.tutellus.io/

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