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Traxion – ICO Review

For a concept which is so widely talked about, blockchain seems to be very exclusive in understanding and usage for most of the world. But thanks to Traxion, that will not be the case anymore.

To make blockchain and drive products more feasible and easy for people to appreciate, it intends to establish a society which is driven by blockchain considering how the margin for corruption in the technology is so minute.

What Will Traxion Do?

Your smartphones are smart for a reason; they are an entire ally in the form of a device. And decide this major advantage, you see that what is valued the most today is fiat currency which can be lost, stolen, torn, or even devalued at will. Traxion intends to change that by establishing a threefold mechanism consisting of a cryptowallet, a blockchain, and smart contract formation for services and users to manage payment through it.

For example, a local diner in your neighborhood which you routinely visit for breakfast can have a smart contract setup which takes a certain amount from your wallet every morning you visit for the breakfast you buy. This way, the job of the owner and you will be both be eased out.

Who Can Use Traxion?

It might have been easy to disregard the technology had you been able to say that you do not pay bills or eat out in today’s world. Traxion is a usable technology for all which does not have any strings attached. Once you have money in your Traxionwallet, anything ranging from your bus tickets to your transactions across the globe can be managed by Traxion alone.

In the future, Traxion is set to unleash itself as a platform which accepts other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Ethereum and become a globally renowned project which makes our lives easier.

Visit official site: https://traxion.tech

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