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Thrive – ICO Review

Title: Thrive emerging as the latest competitor of Google AdWords

If you have ever done any sort of business online, chances are that you have used Google AdWords. People use it for the advertisement of their products, to generate leads and to convert leads into customers. What Google AdWords does the best it that it targets the audience that is most likely to convert into customers, thus providing the merchants a chance to get their products into the market. The reason for this platform’s excellent results is the data that Google has because of its search engine and many applications that billions of people across the globe use on a daily basis.

Google AdWords is not the only ad marketplace currently working, there are multiple other marketplaces that do the same but none of them could really give the fight that would alarm Google’s products. Well, I must say, not anymore. There is a new and totally different marketplace emerging and it is going to give Google AdWords the toughest time since its inception. It is the decentralized marketplace called ‘Thrive’.

What makes ‘Thrive’ any better?

First of all, Thrive is not a centralized marketplace controlled by some board members or governed by any laws that suit the company and not so friendly for the consumers. It is a decentralized marketplace and the difference that holds the most value is that it is based on Ethereum Blockchain technology. When we speak of the Blockchain, we know immediately that the consumers will have all the control over what they do and how much they earn. It is most likely to end the monopoly of Google AdWords and many other marketplaces that give a percentage way less than the consumers deserve.

How Thrive is supposed to work?

It was seen on Forbes that Thrive is set to be the best crypto product of the year 2018 and I have no argument to prove otherwise. It is not that it just developed this marketplace and now asking consumers to start using it. They have actually spent over a year to develop the business plan, did the surveys to collect relevant data and then launched the product for use. So, now if a consumer uses the product it will actually deliver results based on that business modal.

Let’s go through the process once, if you are a consumer and want to buy ad places, you get them from this marketplace. Now, there is the exceptional algorithm that increases the value of this token as much as you use this platform. So, unlike the competitor Google AdWords, the cost of your campaign will actually give you better prices using Thrive as you go ahead. The more this platform is used, the more tokens you get and the scarcity of the tokens increase their value. Which eventually leads to increasing the value of the tokens that you have in your wallet. They have also limited the profit or the commission percentage to a maximum of forty percent so that the distribution is even and the platform does not get centralized or controlled by a few people. As you might not know that about 60% of the total value of bitcoins lies in the hands of only hundred individuals around the world, which means that they have a fair bit of control over the prices of bitcoins and they decide a lot when it comes to the fate of this cryptocurrency. Well, the good news is that Thrive has come up with the solution to prevent this from happening by limiting the profit and commission margins. So, if you are not a huge businessman and you cannot invest huge amounts, you still get the share that you deserve.

The best marketplace bringing back the control in your hands

Thrive is not only an ad marketplace, it is also an upside down modal that actually gives you the control, you don’t get banned without any notifications, your data is not sold to other companies and gets stored in the Blockchain for your personal use, monetizing is completely transparent and the cost is way less as compared to that on Google AdWords. If you are a publisher, you get paid immediately, no hefty waits and maturation periods, no unnecessary demands by the platform and no threats of getting penalized on silly things. It is a platform for the publishers and advertisers giving them a chance to fully control their finances and data and use them significantly when and how they want. It is the fasted paying and the most economical ad marketplace currently available. You know where your ads are placed and this way you protect your brand identity. Thrive even has the CPA tools and affiliate programs to get the beginners start earning some crypto by just placing Thrive ads on their websites. So, what are you waiting for? Get your place today.

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