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The White House is monitoring Bitcoin via Homeland Security – Secretary Sanders

Bitcoin being watched by the White House

Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made this revelation at a press conference Thursday. I know this is being monitored by our team here, she said, responding a reporter Buzzfeed’s proposal that President Donald Trump believes law enforcement officers should receive more attention from the government.

As for the specific instructions and announcements, I have nothing to share with you now, she said, adding that an internal Security Adviser mentioned the issue in a recent meeting with President Trump.

Tom Bossert, with the internal security team, a president’s advisor, has brought this to a meeting earlier this week, she replied: “I know this is one thing that she oversees.”

Explaining on the press conference, billion pounds of hedge funds and head bull Mike Novogratz told Fox Business Network’s Countdown to the Closed Closet that he believes the government will continue to treat the industry favorably.

I believe Mrs. Sanders probably prepared her for that question, and I’m sure Homeland Security looks at her, the Treasury looked at her, Fed looked at her, and he said that our experience so far is that the US authorities The regulators have been very receptive to the whole evolution of cryptocurrency. They don’t want to reduce innovation, and they see this as an exciting move.

Top Advisors Bullish on Bitcoin

President Donald Trump has never discussed the public about a bitcoin, but in his orbit, there are several supporters of him.

Mick Mulvaney, White House budget director and interim director of the Bureau for Consumer Financial Protection, co-founded the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, a block of lawmakers trying to support the use of federal legislative cryptocurrency. As the CCN reported, the Block Group now sans Mulvaney – recently introduced the Income Tax Act of 2017, a bill that would eliminate reporting demands for transactions with less than 600 USD cryptocurrency value.

The co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, who recently said that bitcoin has excellent potential left as a value store and a substitute for physical gold, was a member of the Donald Trump administration transition team and was considered to have led President’s Information Board, before withdrawing his name for the sake of this week.

Considering Trump’s tendency to discuss today’s news on Twitter, it can not be long before the president reveals his thoughts on bitcoin, 280 characters at a time.


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