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Smart Containers – ICO Review

Smart Containers is a Swiss based company which is providing Containers which are having a particular set temperature. As a result, for products and perishables like food and fruits can be easily transported all over the world. This is one of the main reasons why the services of the company are actually in great demand. The sensitive products can be transported easily all over the world.

Also, with the help of cutting edge technology, the temperature can be remotely set as well. It will be all software -controlled. As a result, the Containers will be able to protect the perishables in a completely controlled environment. Moreover, the Containers will be connected with the blockchain. As a result, all the information about the Containers including the tracking will be available at the fingertips. This will ensure that clients are also able to track the Containers at all points of time. Moreover, IOT infrastructure will be used as well. Owing to this very reason, the devices which are present in the Containers as well will be connected online. This will mean that complete control is provided over the container. This is one of the main advantages which you have got when it comes to these Containers.

Owing to the fact that perishables require proper temperature when in transport, such Containers are the perfect solution for transporting them globally. Since they can be remotely controlled and all the information is available over the blockchain, there will be no issues at all in using these Containers. The company is currently coming out with an ICO.

Smart Containers ICO:

  • Date of ICO: 07-06-2018 to 30-06-2018
  • Token acronym: SMARC
  • Price of token: 1 SMARC= US$ 0.432
  • Bonus availability: yes
  • Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC, Fiat currency
  • Hard cap: US$ 36 million


This company is amalgamating the blockchain technology with the logistics industry. As a result, the potential which it has is pretty huge. If you’re looking to invest for the long term, this ICO should be definitely looked at.

Visit official site:

  • Official link:
  • Official Bitcointalk thread: HERE
  • Link to the Whitepaper: HERE
  • Official Telegram link: HERE
  • Bitcointalk Username: sorrros
  • My Bitcointalk profile link: HERE
  • My ethereum address: 0x72684ba2d036708a9146234ED3c4666848A1Ea0f

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