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Shivom – ICO Review

Shivom Project, bringing the future of global health now

Using Blockchain and cryptocurrency in a commercial way was only the beginning of all the possibilities this new technology has to offer to the mankind. The proof of this truth is the amazing amount of new projects regarding different uses of the Blockchain.

But, without a doubt, one of the most significant ones is Shivom. This project aims to use the modern technology and even new improvements to create a global genome data-hub and use it to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

The idea is for people to join voluntarily the program and getting a reward in cryptocurrency (the Shivom) for donating their genomic information.

The database will work with the unique code of every person to discover the cure and treatment for several diseases that are now untreated or treated with doubtful drugs. In the same way, this project aims to a better understanding of the different variations of the human genome to accurately represent each ethnical and geographical population.

Shivom also promises a very secure way to share DNA information. They will not only use Blockchain as a way to protect the data but will also include state-of-the-art cryptography to guarantee the information security.

This way, donors can have complete ownership of their genomic material and will only give access to it when they desire. Of course, the idea is to share the information for different healthcare projects such as finding or testing new drugs or procedures.

For motivating contributors to actually share, the project has developed the Shivom cryptocurrency, which will work as a reward to those participating in distinct projects.

The future of a better world could begin with initiatives like this one, as they aim not to profit from the information in the way pharmaceuticals do by now. On the contrary, the idea is to beat the way health industry works these days and achieve a better global health.

The age of “knowledge monopoly” could be coming to an end with this blockchain projects as it offers the opportunity for regular people to collaborate for a better world. Of course, this technology is only one of the several kinds used in this project, as the idea is to bring the future closer. Cloud computing, A.I, genome sequencing and big data analytics are also part of Shivom initiative.

Finally, the goal is to create a Marketplace where anyone with a helpful app or service can participate. We could say it’s like an open-source project to improve the health system worldwide, which is without a doubt a much needed plan.

Visit official site: https://shivom.io/

  • Official link: https://shivom.io/
  • Link to Whitepaper: HERE
  • Official Bitcointalk thread: HERE
  • Official Telegram group: HERE
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