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Seal – ICO Review

Review of Seal

The brand rush today is extraordinary with more and more competition entering the market each year, but is it possible to tell the exact difference in quality between two brands just by looking at them?

Thanks to Seal, now this is an issue no more. And the availability of such a service is not in fact powered by magic; it is powered by blockchain technology and the wonderful creation called smart contracts which have made direct communication between any two channels in the world really easy.

Why is Seal convenient?

When we say channel, it does not mean that both of them have to be digitally connected to each other. With Seal, you can now have complete authority over the physical quality of the products that you buy simply because the application allows you to make a direct comparison. The respective chips acting as sensors are linked to a database which is fed with most of the types of fabric material which is used to produce clothes, accessories, shoes etc.

Operating Seal is a simple matter of tapping a button and comparing the product to the similarity shown in the database. Being technologically powered by Ethereum and morally supported by the International Counterfeiting Corporation gives Seal additional credibility to be a star investment in the near future.

Is It A Good Idea to Invest?

Like all blockchain startups, the main method of funding Seal is through Initial Coin Offerings. Though the total time it will take for you to be able to cash your gains will be quite high, the demand for such an application in society today cannot be ignored. It is not only excellent in terms of identifying items, but also in becoming a personal gradient of quality for customers who buy products under brand consciousness.

All in all, considering the amount of confidence it gives the buyers using it as a threshold, Seal is a significant blockchain startup of the age of Big Data, and can really make a difference in the lives of avid shoppers.

Visit official site:  https://seal.network/

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