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Rankingball – ICO Review

Review of Rankingball

The idea behind blockchain extends out to sports as well as it does to finance and data processing. It is time to delve into the world of strategy gaming like never before.

Strategy games include games like DOTA 2, and sports team management games where your skills as a team manager in real time and your consistency is in question. Sometimes you may be able to make really good predictions as far as the upcoming moves of your rival are concerned, but how many times it that skill appreciated by anyone other than you?

Time to Appreciate the Skill

Rankingball has been beta testing for different platforms such as NBA, online and otherwise so that it can figure out how to connect with their systems. Its success can be certified by the fact that its softcap of $3 million was reached before the deadline and now it is working on a hardcap of $10 million.

This skill of prediction can be appreciated because once you form an account and lock yourself with users betting on a game using secure smart contracts, your predictions and bets will be placed against each other, and as the sport progresses in real time or the esport continues online, you will keep getting rewards/deductions from your starting currency.

How To Participate Using Rankingball?

Rankingball aims to become an application which is updated with most of the famous sporting events going on. This does not mean that you can participate in the startup just as a better willing to try out his/her luck; it is a blockchain startup after all.

If you are a web streamer, viewer, or even a developer, you have your respective spot in the startup. Since it is an open source code, you can use your expertise to further direct Rankingball and make it the most successful blockchain startup of its time.

Visit official site: https://rankingball.io/

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