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Pavocoin – ICO Review

Everything you need to know about PAVOCOIN Platform

The world of cryptocurrencies has revolutionized our way of relating, and blockchain technology, which came hand in hand with cryptocurrencies, is making an even greater evolution. PAVOCOIN is transforming the world of agriculture. Do you want to know more about it?


The Blockchain technology is a technology that makes possible the transfer of all types of digital data with a sophisticated modification and also does so in a completely secure manner. In this transfer, a centralized intermediary is not needed to identify and certify the information, but it is distributed in many nodes that are independent.

These nodes register and validate information without the need for trust between those same nodes. Once entered, this information cannot be deleted, the only thing that can be done is to add new records but these will not be legitimized unless most of them agree to do so previously.

Along with the level of security that this system provides against hacking, we find another huge advantage: even if the network were to fall, with only one of those computers or nodes not doing so, the information would never be lost or the service, depending on the case that we speak, it would continue working.

PAVOCOIN uses blockchain technology to make farmers’ lives easier, and to improve the taste of the food. PAVO is a market and is also a cryptocurrency specially designed for agribusiness. This platform market seeks to support the trade of food and industrial crops. The PAVO currency puts market participants in transaction ecosystems without cash and without the need to involve third parties, and also with the best market prices.

The PAVOCOIN platform can be used by consumers to buy food directly from farmers in the PAVO market itself. It can be used by farmers to pre-sell their crops, with a fully personalized intelligent contract. It is also used by farmers by farmers integrated into the platform to increase quality and yield.

PAVOCOIN is a payment system through cryptocurrencies that allows the participants of this market, be they consumers, farmers, suppliers or wholesalers, to accept and make digital payments. The PAVO platform uses the PAVOCOIN tokens, which are fully functional, boosting payments, smart coupons and intelligent contracts.

This is a booming market that is growing quite fast. It has an indoor crop with a value of 22.4% of Cagr.

What are PAVOCOIN’s sources of income?

  1. Through subscription fees to be able to use and access the IoT Blockchain platform.
  2. Through management fees and commission for transactions mad

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