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OTPPAY is creating a platform which will enable the users to not only buy the cryptocurrencies but also accept merchant payments. It is basically trying to create the cryptocurrency ecosystem. On the platform, you will be able to lend money as well. This ensures that you will be able to earn interest on the money which you are lending as well. Owing to this very reason, the platform is a one-stop solution when it comes to cryptocurrency related transactions. The company is trying to create a universal platform which will be beneficial for most of the investors and traders in cryptocurrency.

OTPPAY stands for Omni Token Platform for Payments. Also, with the integration of more and more cryptocurrencies in order to buy and sell, it will be easier for you to invest in a diversified portfolio as well. Moreover, you will be able to exchange 1 cryptocurrency for another. The platform is claiming that it will be able to provide you with the best exchange rates as well. If indeed, it is able to do so, it can easily become one of the significant players in the cryptocurrency space.

Moreover, it is not just an exchange. It plans on offering the merchant payment services as well as the lending services. Thus, it is an entire ecosystem in itself. This is where the majority of the potential of the cryptocurrency platform lies.

The platform is currently coming out with a pre-ICO.


  • Date: 05-03-2018 to 03-04-2018
  • Token acronym: OTP
  • Pre-ICO price: 16,000 OTP = 1 ETH
  • Bonus availability: yes
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Currencies accepted: ETH
  • Soft cap: 1250 ETH
  • Hard cap: 71,250 ETH


The main potential of OTPPAY is in its ability to provide merchant payment solutions and lending. If indeed, it is able to gain traction in that space, the value of the platform will increase pretty fast. This will highly benefit the investors who are getting in at this pre-ICO level.

Join the Pre-Sale now: https://otppay.io/

  • Official link: https://otppay.io/
  • Link to Whitepaper: HERE
  • Official Bitcointalk thread: HERE
  • My Bitcointalk profile: HERE
  • Contact me: matejkorman@email.cz

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