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Kubitx – ICO Review

Everything you need to know about the KuBitX platform:

Blockchain technology came hand in hand with cryptocurrencies and is causing a revolution in several markets. Its use expands every day more. Now we will know this platform that allows currency trading with a centralized currency as Kubitx Platform.

Kubitx Platform features and how it works with Blockchain

The Blockchain technology is a technology that makes possible the transfer of all types of digital data with a sophisticated modification and also does so in a completely secure manner. In this transfer, a centralized intermediary is not needed to identify and certify the information, but it is distributed in many nodes that are independent.

These nodes register and validate information without the need for trust between those same nodes. Once entered, this information cannot be deleted, the only thing that can be done is to add new records but these will not be legitimized unless most of them agree to do so previously.

Along with the level of security that this system provides against hacking, we find another huge advantage: even if the network were to fall, with only one of those computers or nodes not doing so, the information would never be lost or the service, depending on the case that we speak, it would continue working.

The KuBitX Platform uses this technology to offer its users a space to trade digital currency, in a centralized manner. This makes it one of the most secure, powerful and fastest platforms, of those that offer similar services. It has the most modern exchange engine and its security level is solid. It also has a team of professionals and experts in the field that promotes work with more than 500 companies. It is a vehicle to fully open the adoption economies and also for emerging markets.

KuBitX Platform offers a totally transparent service, never compromising the integrity of the data that is entrusted by its users.

The token that this platform uses is Token KBX and is the one that is used to pay the tariffs that are generated in the negotiation of the KuBitX Platform. In addition to any use that is specified in the KuBitX White Paper.

If you are interested in being part of the KuBitX Platform, it is best to take a few minutes to know the technical specifications. It is important that you know the dimension of this project and its expansion horizons.

How is the Token KBX assignment made?


What is the distribution of the funds obtained with the KBX Token?

  • 5% By association.
  • 7.5% Legal.
  • 12.5% Per operation.
  • 15% By technology.
  • 15% For promotion and marketing.
  • 15% Support
  • 30% Liquidity.

It also offers a bonus in the early pre-sale stages of the KBX token. You can visit the website of the platform to obtain more information about it, to know in depth the benefits and to begin to be part of this project.

Do not think twice and join the KuBitX Platform, the most advantageous platform on the market.

Visit official site:

  • Official link:
  • Official Bitcointalk thread: HERE
  • Link to the Whitepaper: HERE
  • Bitcointalk Username: sorrros
  • My Bitcointalk profile link: HERE



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