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Iagon – ICO Review

Review of Iagon

Computers have stormed into our lives with an unparalleled importance, but how does the idea of a global supercomputer which can connect you all sound?

This is essentially what Iagon, a blockchain startup, is working on. Futuristic technologies are guided by the idea of the blockchain, which is the driving force of cryptocurrencies. This startup aims to use the security, transparency, and pace of the technology to form a massive cloud which can store data from all over the world.

What Kind of Data Can Be Stored?

Regional databases which are governed by organizations, mailboxes etc. have all been heard of. With Iagon, the database will contain categories of digital data which can be accessed to download items stored by people from all continents. The connectivity this offers and the way it covers physical distance is unprecedented.

What Guarantees the Security of Storage?

This guarantee is offered by the entire foundation of blockchain technology. The entire network will be connected but at the same time, it will be decentralized, meaning that your data will not be fed to any authority with an ulterior motive per se. The downloads and the shares will be governed using smart contracts, meaning that there will be no third party channels transcended or any links which need to be further specified for the data to cross over.

What Does the Future Hold?

Iagon plans on introducing distributed, integrated storage as well as storage processing by the end of the year 2018. With the launch of the initial coin offering scheduled for July, the crowdfunding is seeing positive figures considering how such a startup can not only help individuals but also corporations who are in need of globalized data all the time.

With so much in store, Iagon is setting the wave of the future of supercomputers in action.

Visit official site: https://www.iagon.com/

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