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Global REIT – ICO Review

Review of Global REIT

When a company releases their dividends offered at the end of the period, counting shares and blessings becomes pure joy. What if there was a way you could feel that way at the end of each month?

Global REIT is crypto investment organization which has taken the idea of real estate investment and deriving profits from it to a whole new level. From cryptocurrency investors to individuals interested in the real state which is not in a close vicinity to them, Global REIT connects investors from all over the world to allow geographical boundaries to remain a worry of the past.

The Global REIT Link

Cryptocurrency investment has gone up in massive amounts in the recent years, and Global REIT is a unique organization that allows you to use that money to invest in properties. The path is quite simple to understand; by investing with currency such as Ethereum, the Global REIT database connects you to the respective property owner you are about to deal with, who in exchange offers smart contracts through that very database for your property share retrieval.

One major advantage that REIT can bring to you is its initial coin offering; by exchanging your existing cryptocurrency for its newly designed Gret and Grem you can become a shareholder of possible fortunes ahead.

Challenges and Approaches

Reaching out to property owners as a startup without many resourceful funding operatives can be difficult, but the company has already decided on handing out its first dividend in July 2018, which is a great leap considering how not even a year would have passed and dividends would start being distributed.

Global REIT, as a heavy propagator of the revolutionizing Blockchain technology, plans to acquire 4 assets in different locations worldwide by the end of the year including in the United Kingdom and the Emirates, and becoming a part of it can secure your passive income future.

Visit official site: https://globalreit.io/

  • Official link: https://globalreit.io/
  • Link to Whitepaper: HERE
  • Official Bitcointalk thread: HERE
  • Official telegram link: HERE
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