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Fiancia – ICO Review

In this digital world, the monetary system is really changing. The popular monetary systems are being replaced by improved systems that make transactions easier and safer for investors and other end users. US dollar became the basis for international monetary systems with fixed exchange rates to the dollar. This system is sensitive to inflation and other foreign exchange fluctuations and hence cryptocurrencies came into existence to help companies and individuals fund their projects in an easy and efficient way.

Fiancia is a revolutionary global platform for copy trading where investors and traders can trade crypto currencies online in a transparent and simple way by making use of social network investment strategies of copy trading. Fiancia is also offering crypto currency TV channel with live streaming on all satellite networks and devices, which is dedicated to breaking news from every corner of the world, debated by crypto currency market leaders, financial data on all crypto currency pairs, Blockchain and decentralized technologies. This channel will keep updating the viewers about happenings in the crypto world that will help them make rational decisions when investing in crypto market. Fiancia will evaluate trader’s performance in terms of ranking and give relevant information on investors to increase their profit and control risk in the trading markets.

The main features of Fiancia include;
User friendly terminal- The user friendly terminal for investors and traders manages and executes the trading activities under the algorithmic trading system.
Potential profits- Trading along with people who have vast experience in this sector will help gain massive profits for your business that no other online terminal can ever offer.
Risk management control- The terminal is designed with technical tools such as PHA, HACCP and FTA to avoid the risk of any potential loss.
Commissions for pro traders- Pro traders will be able to benefit from hefty profits from the terminal and monthly payments based on the ranks of each pro trader.
Crypto news portal- The crypto news portal displays the updated crypto market and Blockchain technology news together with predictions and analysis of crypto market leaders.
Social network investment- The terminal will play a dynamic role where traders and investors share their trading experiences.

The growing impact of crypto trade across the world is enormous. Fiancia introduced a reliable and user friendly copy trading system that covers business needs and levels of expectations of traders and investors. The terminal provides an opportunity for investors to benefit from experienced and most competent traders. Investors and traders can communicate with each other and discuss business trends and help each other make informed decisions regarding investments. In this way achievement of aims and objectives becomes simpler and effective. Investors are also ensured to walk away with hefty profits thanks to the Fiancia unique system that has access to more than three thousand crypto currencies. Fiancia terminal has easy control and facilitations in terms of personal control regarding trading in crypto currency. The social network connection allows stakeholders, investors and traders to share their views, news and suggestions for collective interest and sound linkage among them. Fiancia assures you of a fast and efficient withdrawal processing system at the terminal by use of Fiancia visa cards, Merchants and bank wire without any limits. Fiancia UK announces pre-sale ICO on 1st march and also releases white paper of its revolutionary cryptocurrency copy trading platform and dedicated crypto TV news channel.

Join the Pre-Sale now: http://fiancia.io/

  • Official link: http://fiancia.io/
  • Link to Whitepaper: HERE
  • Official Bitcointalk thread: HERE
  • Official Telegram link: HERE
  • Official Twitter link: HERE
  • My Bitcointalk profile: HERE
  • Contact me: matejkorman@email.cz

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