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Decoin – ICO Review

Decoin is aiming to create the decentralized trading platform. The unique feature of this trading platform is that it will be redistributing its commissions to the holders of the digital assets. As a result, the cost of the transactions will be minimal.

The profit-sharing mechanism will ensure that users are incentivized in order to use the platform to conduct their cryptocurrency transactions. The multicurrency platform will provide enterprise-grade security and great customer support to ensure that users do not face any problem while trading in cryptocurrencies.

The proof of stake in the algorithm also ensures that if you are able to hold the Decoin tokens in their wallets, you will be able to gain the interest of 6.2%. This will be the Decoin tokens only. Thus, there is further incentive to hold the cryptocurrency. It is aiming to create a token which is held by the investors for a longer period of time in order to reap rich dividends. At the same point in time, since it is directly held by the individuals, the liquidity cannot be constrained as well. Whenever the price increases, the individuals will be able to easily liquidate their cryptocurrency token holdings. This will ensure that in case of dearth of the token, liquidity resumes as well. Thus, it is a win-win situation not just for the investors but also the users of the platform. This will ensure that people are able to easily invest in the cryptocurrency without any fear of the liquidity drying up.

Moreover, since the platform will be exploiting the potential of the native token, the price of the tokens will increase as the activity on the platform goes up. This is another advantage of the token. Also, the incentive will ensure that the demand for the cryptocurrency token always remains up. If it always remains up, the value will keep on increasing. The demand will be on the lower side as; many individuals will try to hold the cryptocurrency tokens for as long as possible. This will be better for the longer term investors as well. Thus, it is a win-win situation not just for the traders but also for the long-term investors.

Currently, the platform is coming out with a pre-ICO.

Decoin Pre-ICO details:

  • Date of pre-ICO: 07-04-2018 to 07-07-2018
  • Token acronym: DTEP
  • Price of token: 1 DTEP = US$ 0.6
  • Bonus availability: yes
  • Platform: DECOIN blockchain
  • Currencies accepted: ETH, Fiat currency, BTC
  • Minimum investment: US$ 500
  • Soft cap: US$ 4 million
  • Hard cap: US$ 30 million


As this cryptocurrency platform will incentivize the users to not only trade but also hold the native token, the probability of gaining traders is pretty huge. This is one of the main reasons why this platform holds such a lot of potential. If you would like to invest in a cryptocurrency exchange, this platform certainly has an edge as compared to some of the other cryptocurrency platforms. Moreover, since it is providing the interest of 6.2% on the tokens, which is a further advantage to the token holders. You have to make sure that you conduct some due diligence before finally making the investment. The current offering by the cryptocurrency platform looks pretty good. All you need to do is to just find out more about the development team and thereafter think about investing.


Visit official site: https://www.decoin.io/

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