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DatabrokerDAO – ICO Review

IoT is a field which is rapidly expanding. The number of sensors which are being sold in this field are plenty as well. The annual sales are around $ 600 billion. This is the reason why this market holds a lot of potential.

Also, the sensor data needs to be presented in the right way in order to provide insights to the users. Only when it is presented in the right way, there will be some benefits from IoT. DatabrokerDAO is creating a marketplace which will syndicate this data and offer it for sale. The identity of the users will be anonymous as well. This ensures that companies will be able to buy the data easily. The companies will be able to use the data in order to research their products in a much better way. This will automatically help the companies in improving their products.

On the other hand, the sensor owners will be able to make a certain amount of money by selling this data. Also, since the data will be on the blockchain, there will be no security-based risk as well. This is another advantage of this particular platform.

With the help of smart city initiatives which are being held by various governments all over the world, this data will be easily available for the manufacturers as well as corporate who wish to buy it. Also, further research can be easily conducted with the help of this data. Currently, the platform is coming out with a pre-ICO.

DatabrokerDAO Pre-ICO:

  • Date of pre-ICO: 19-03-2018 to 25-03-2018
  • Token acronym: DTX
  • DTX token price: 6000 DTX = 1 ETH
  • Bonus availability: Yes
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Currencies accepted: ETH

With IoT becoming more and more mainstream by the day, the application of this sensor data is immense. This is the reason why this platform holds a lot of potentials.


If you want to invest in a niche which is the fastest-growing in the technology industry, this is your opportunity. With the help of this ICO, you will be able to easily invest in a stable platform which can provide you with significant returns.

Join the Pre-Sale now:

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