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Daox – Short Review

Daox is a blockchain-based platform which provides investment solutions to the normal investors. The company provides a complete infrastructure for crowdfunding as well as ICO. Thus, any company can launch its own #ICO with the help of this platform. As a result, companies will be able to raise funds quite easily.

There are many companies which are trying to raise funds with the help of ICOs. However, they are not familiar with the technical aspects of ICO. This is the reason why they are not able to launch their own ICO. However, with the help of this platform, they will be able to easily launch ICO. As a result, they will be able to raise money quite easily. Moreover, the platform is governed by the participants. As a result, the governing of the platform is entirely transparent. This also indicates that there will be no conflict of interest.

It can be considered as an intermediary between the companies who are looking to raise funds for the investors. It will protect the interest of both. As a result, the ecosystem which will be created in order to enable fundraising will be completely transparent. Moreover, since it is based on the blockchain technology, it is reliable and can scale up quite easily. It is also quite transparent which ensures that companies can use it for raising millions of dollars quite easily. Also, the entire ecosystem will consist of not just the start-ups but also the investors as well as the #DAOs and finally the 3rd party services as well. The third-party services will provide various integration and synchronization services to the companies who are looking to raise money through the platform. As a result, they will not be required to contact any other vendor in order to raise money. This is the main advantage of this particular platform. With the help of the third-party services, any additional service which they might be looking for will be provided on the platform itself. As a result, it will become much easier for the platform to provide the complete host of services to the companies who are raising money.

This will surely attract more companies to the platform. As more companies get attracted to the platform, automatically the number of investors will also increase. This will be a win-win situation for not just the investors but also the companies who are looking to raise money on the platform. Currently, the presale before ICO is on. We will today share with you some of the details of this presale.

Daox Pre-Sale:

  • Date of pre-sale: 31-7-2018 to 30-9-2018
  • Token acronym: DXC
  • Price of token: 2750DXC = 1 ETH
  • Currencies accepted: ETH


As the platform provides complete host of services to the companies who are looking to raise money, the potential of the platform is pretty huge. This will surely attract a lot of companies who are looking to raise funds. As a result, the platform will gain more and more traction. This will also increase the value of the tokens in the future. As a result, this is a presale which you should not ignore. You should conduct the due diligence and think about investing in this presale.

Visit official site:

  • Official link:
  • Link to the Whitepaper: HERE
  • Bitcointalk Username: pat25
  • My Bitcointalk profile link: HERE


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