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CryptoKami – ICO Review

In this digital world, the monetary system is really changing. The popular monetary systems are being replaced by improved systems that make transactions easier and safer for investors and other end users. US dollar became the basis for international monetary systems with fixed exchange rates to the dollar. This system is sensitive to inflation and other foreign exchange fluctuations and hence cryptocurrencies came into existence to help companies and individuals fund their projects in an easy and efficient way.

 Cryptokami is a Decentralized Reserve System that is similar to the US Fed reserve system controlling the flow of dollars through the use of Commercial banks, but its technology deals with blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is a platform just like the Ethereum but is only intended for use by third parties in the financial sector. Cryptokami operates on its own behalf that is, it distributes and regulates KAMI tokens under the principle of a compulsory reserve mechanism based on Comreme Algorithm through a regulatory contract. It is therefore a third generation infrastructure for financial third parties and KAMI tokens end users. It plays the role of a central bank through regulating the flow and the total number of KAMI coins under the compulsory Reserve Mechanism. Cryptokami regulates the circulation of KAMI tokens to ensure that their supply doesn’t surpass the demand in the cryptocurrency market. This will help to effect the monetary value of KAMI tokens in the foreign exchange markets. This virtual economy has made it easy and convenient for any person to create and run his own company and invest capital at his disposal in its development hence gaining convertible KAMI tokens from the investment.

This system has a strong and sustainable growth potential in the world’s monetary system due to its simple supply and the demand for monetary control in the economy. KAMI tokens supply is limited to 210M. KAMI coins are demanded for several uses such as future trading, crypto trading, financial ICOs, staking, deposit and credits, and the compulsory reserve. Cryptokami is focused on transactions processing faster with lower fees, more security and a highly positive user experience. It has created a very reliable SELF-GROWTH ENGINE of KAMI tokens that is less vulnerable to market fluctuations, manipulations, market rumors, policies and regulations by the central government. A user will buy kami tokens on pre-sale and on crowd sale ICO and then sell them on crypto exchange after the ICO. If you are already a cryptokami member, you can refer your friends through the cryptokami’s Referral program and get 10 KAMI, 50 KAMIs and an added package of 10 KAMI and another 50KAMIs on the referred user account. Cryptokami has made two major inventions to improve the Cardano blockchain upgrade that will help it to regulate the demand and supply of Kami tokens circulating on its financial ecosystem. Cryptokami’s huge inventions and investments on the system for end user, third party and the rest of the world leverages the strengths and weaknesses of the existing blockchain systems.

For financial third parties, cryptokami will help build and run ‘’blue-chips’’ coins futures contract and also build and run a cross-chain crypto exchange through the compulsory Reserve mechanisms. Build and run banking services such as crypto deposits, crypto repo credit, cross-chain payments and crypto-fiat payments under the same Compulsory Reserve mechanism. The end user of KAMI tokens will be liable to invest in cryptokami’s ICO and/or invest in the next financial third party that launches ICOs under the compulsory Reserve Mechanist. Kami tokens can as well be used for trading on cryptokami’s ‘’blue-chip’’ coins future and/or trade on cryptokami’s cross-chain crypto exchange. You can your KAMI tokens to stake and for any banking services such as crypto deposits, crypto repo credit, cross chain payments and also in crypto fiat payments. The end users of KAMI tokens should use their tokens for their needs and perform a lot of functions to increase demand for KAMI tokens.

For a user to participate in the private sale of KAMI tokens, you must be 18 years and above, comply with all the terms and conditions and provide all the required information during registration. Cryptokami is targeting all the countries in the world where the ICO investment act is not prohibited. It doesn’t cover some countries such as US, South Korea, China and Canada.

Join the Pre-Sale now: https://cryptokami.com/

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