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Centralized Ripple Is Probably a Security Token

A primary attraction of decentralized cryptocurrencies is that they’re censorship-resistant. The more centralized a coin is, the easier it is for its supply to be controlled. But there’s another problem with overly-centralized cryptocurrencies such as ripple: they risk being classified as a security, which brings all kinds of problems. Also …

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Is Every ICO a Fraud? 'Absolutely Not' Says SEC Chief

The SEC’s highest-ranking official appears to be softening his stance toward ICOs. At a Princeton University event Thursday, SEC chairman Jay Clayton went so far as to reject the idea that all ICOs are fraudulent, answering “absolutely not” to a question centered on whether his agency’s enforcement actions against the founders …

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How to Buy VeChain in 2 Simple Steps

Last updated on April 5th, 2018 at 10:21 am What Is VeChain? VeChain (VEN) is a decentralized blockchain application platform that was launched in 2017. In particular, VeChain focuses on product and supply chain management through asset digitization and RFID technology. This can be used in verifying authenticity, tracking transportation …

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India Searches for Ethereum Over Bitcoin

For nearly half a year, India’s crypto enthusiasts have been searching for the cryptocurrency ethereum (ETH) over bitcoin (BTC). At the end of February, researchers confirmed ETH searches were twice as likely over BTC. Could the world’s second most populated country be souring on the world’s most popular cryptocurrency? Also …

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Bank of Montreal Expands Crypto Purchase Ban

Canada’s Bank of Montreal (BMO) will no longer allow customers to buy cryptocurrency using Interac debit cards. A spokesperson for the bank confirmed the move in an email to CoinDesk Tuesday, without giving an explanation. The Interac ban follows reports that the bank barred crypto purchases through Mastercard debit and …

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4 Things That Make Bitcoin Truly Exceptional

Amid the turmoil of the past few months in the cryptocurrency space, advocates and developers have been speaking out. Bitcoin developer and entrepreneur Jimmy Song adds his voice, with an explanation of why Bitcoin is exceptional, and how investors can assess its long-term value. Using Medium as his platform and referring …

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