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Bitcoin and Trading Psychology

Every time you place a new Bitcoin trade, you’re being motivated by powerful internal belief systems. When you press the buy or sell button, it speaks volumes about your desires and intrinsic estimation of self-worth. When you hear bullish (bearish) news, your internal financial and self-esteem conditioning can even overreact, …

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Ethereum Developer ConsenSys Partners With AMD To Bolster Blockchain Industry

Although the crypto market has stagnated, the startups driving the blockchain boat have continued to forge ahead with their efforts. Reports indicate that ConsenSys, a key participant in the nascent Ethereum ecosystem, has partnered with a leading American multinational semiconductor conglomerate to produce blockchain-friendly hardware and software. AMD And Blockchain …

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The False Promise Blockchains Will Revolutionize Real-World Assets

Farzam Ehsani is co-founder and CEO of VALR.com, a digital asset trading platform. The following is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2018 Year in Review.  In 2018, as cryptocurrency prices declined, the corporate-blockchain-marketing machine continued to hum unabated. Corporates continued to issue press releases about their “world-first” blockchain implementations that were …

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Ethereum Studio ConsenSys Teams Up With Chip Manufacturer AMD

Ethereum development studio ConsenSys is partnering with computer chip maker AMD to develop a new cloud computing infrastructure based on blockchain technology. The startup announced Friday that it was working with AMD and Abu Dhabi-based investment firm Halo Holdings on W3BCLOUD, a cloud computing architecture supported by the manufacturer’s computing …

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