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What is a Cryptocurrency? A Beginner’s Explanation

Last updated on April 15th, 2018 at 01:23 pm The term “cryptocurrency” is a contraction of “cryptographic currency”. It was included as a new word in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in March 2018, according to an announcement by the company. Their definition is as follows: cryptocurrency noun cryp·to·cur·ren·cy   ˌkrip-tō-ˈkər-ən(t)-sē , …

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AirPod: A Peek into Its Tokenization

AirPod has a revolutionary internal economic ecosystem that makes it probably the world’s most profitable and stable business opportunity. Its establishment of own cryptocurrency dubbed APOD has set the ball rolling. APOD is projected to start circulating soon among Airpod’s customers. This will, in turn, create one internal economy. Customers …

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