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4th-Gen Blockchain-Based BibleCoin Set to Launch Amid Deal with GNN

Singapore-headquartered financial technology startup BI FINTECH is all set to issue a cryptocurrency, called BibleCoin, based on the fourth generation of blockchain technology. However, before releasing BibleCoin to the market, the firm has plans to acquire South Korea-based Korea Framing Institute, which holds a security-related international patent for ‘integrated authentication …

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Cryptocurrency of the Future – FuturoCoin

FuturoCoin is a new cryptocurrency and already has a lot of dedicated users. Since day one, FTO was created with a purpose to become a payment method. Using cryptocurrencies as a payment method can be tough; a long confirmation time, miner fees and only a few places which accept cryptos …

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Bitcoin Cash Gains Advance 4% Above BTC

On Wednesday, April 18, cryptocurrency markets have been bouncing all around over the past twelve hours as a few coins have seen some higher gains than most. Three-day charts show bitcoin core markets took a slight dip after touching a high of $8,425 USD on April 15, as spot prices …

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Bitcoin News Summary – Apr 16, 2018

Here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds.     Samsung has confirmed that it is providing chips to mine bitcoin, ether and assorted cryptocurrencies for hardware manufacturer Halong Mining. Halong Mining has remained relatively quiet regarding its new relationship, though its first miner, the Dragonmint T1, is …

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