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Zcash Will Get a Gateway Into Ethereum’s DeFi Ecosystem

When cryptocurrency fans gathered in Osaka, Japan, this week for the Devcon developer conference, the halls were filled with buzz about smaller projects seeking access to ethereum’s decentralized finance smorgasbord, especially loans and financial products, via interoperability. “Connecting to other chains doesn’t seem to be an ethereum developer’s priority,” Summa …

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5 of the Best Crypto Swapping Services

Advertisment Creating an exchange account, signing in and placing an order every time you want to switch cryptos is like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut. It’s an incredibly inefficient way to jump between cryptos, and given that no exchange has all the coins, it necessitates creating multiple accounts, …

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The Role of Blockchain System in Problem Gambling

Advertisment How Blockchain Technology Can Help Solve Problem Gambling Recent studies have shown that the usage of blockchain technology and AI could solve problem gambling. Nevertheless, the integration of this approach does not come entirely risk-free. Let’s dig in deeper. What Is Blockchain and How Good Is It? As you …

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