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Asura Coin – ICO Review

Asura Coin is creating a platform based on the blockchain technology in order to tap into the sports ecosystem. The platform will deal with different aspects of the ecosystem.

Users can easily bet against each other using smart contracts. This will ensure that they will be able to execute the bets automatically. As a result, it will become much easier for most of the users to bet on the platform.

Also, there will be professional guides which will be available on the platform. Thus, if any sports person needs any kind of help, they can easily pay for the help through the coins to the professional guides. This will ensure that they are able to get proper strategies pertaining to the sports.

Moreover, tournaments can be hosted on the platform as well. As a result, the commentary as well as the score can be updated on the platform directly with proper tracking. This will ensure that the users of the platform are able to easily see the commentary and know about the matches which are taking place.

Also, all of this will be pertaining to e-sports. As a result, it will be a platform which will dedicatedly cater to e-sports. This is one of the main reasons why this platform is becoming more and more popular.

In addition to that, there will also be a dedicated forum for discussion. All in all, it will cater to the e-sports in all aspects. Currently, the company is coming out with an ICO.

Asura Coin ICO:

  • Date of ICO: 02-06-2018 to 30-06-2018
  • Token acronym: ASA
  • Price of token: 5000 ASA = 1 NEO
  • Platform: NEO
  • Currencies accepted: NEO
  • Minimum investment: 1 NEO
  • Hard cap: US$ 12 million


E-sports is an upcoming field. Therefore, any platform which is catering to the field is bound to grow at a faster pace. This is the reason why you should always look at this ICO rather than ignoring this ICO.

Visit official site:

  • Official link:
  • Official Bitcointalk thread: HERE
  • Link to the Whitepaper: HERE
  • Bitcointalk Username: pat25
  • My Bitcointalk profile link: HERE

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