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Daily Archives: May 19, 2018

DICE Money – ICO review

DICE Money works on the cluster model of cryptocurrency rather than on an existing single cryptocurrency. It is consisting of many different peers known as operators. Also, the mining operation is more of an investment rather than instant gain. As a result, it is revolutionizing the entire cryptocurrency model. When …

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Eternal Trusts – ICO review

Eternal Trusts caters to the development of technologies which are life-changing. The problem is that such technologies are often not available for the general public. The main reason for this is that they have not been approved by the respective authorities. In many of the cases, it is due to …

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Verasity – ICO Review

Verasity is a video sharing platform which will reward each and every one of the stakeholders. Each and every one of the stakeholders will be connected with one another with the help of blockchain technology. Thus, whether you’re just the viewer or whether you’re the content creator or whether you’re …

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MyShield – ICO Review

MyShield is trying to secure online transactions. With the help of anti-scam platform, it will be able to provide a secure ecosystem for most of the buyers as well as customers to conduct the transactions. Moreover, artificial intelligence will be used in order to detect the nature of the transactions. …

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