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Daily Archives: May 9, 2018

At The Source, Exploring the Blockchain Realm of GitHub

“Bitcoin is a superior currency because it’s open-source.” “What do you mean the Ethereum code is public on GitHub?” Blockchain/cryptocurrency projects & the ever-mysterious open-source. If you come from a nontechnical background, you’ve probably wondered just exactly what open-source means; if you’ve hung around developers, in particular, you might’ve even …

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Rankingball – ICO Review

Review of Rankingball The idea behind blockchain extends out to sports as well as it does to finance and data processing. It is time to delve into the world of strategy gaming like never before. Strategy games include games like DOTA 2, and sports team management games where your skills …

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Traxion – ICO Review

For a concept which is so widely talked about, blockchain seems to be very exclusive in understanding and usage for most of the world. But thanks to Traxion, that will not be the case anymore. To make blockchain and drive products more feasible and easy for people to appreciate, it …

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