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Daily Archives: March 17, 2018

ICO Review: OPEN Platform

OPEN is offering the first blockchain payments infrastructure for applications. This infrastructure allows applications to handle onchain transactions and update off-chain data tables. Open Platform claims to empower application developers to use blockchain in languages they are comfortable. Developers can build in any language they are comfortable with using OPEN API. …

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Swapy Network – ICO Review

Swapy Network is trying to create a platform for lending money as well as eliminating the middle agents from the financial industry. It will be based on the PoS decentralized Ethereum platform. Moreover, it will provide financial data to various companies while maintaining the privacy of the different stakeholders. It …

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G-Global – ICO Review

G-Global is creating a freelancing platform. With the help of this platform on the blockchain technology, employees will be able to easily find work. Moreover, companies will be able to find skilled staff quite easily as well. This will ensure that most of the companies will be able to easily …

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