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Daily Archives: February 18, 2018

No, Not All ICOs Are Securities

Paul Paray is an attorney in Allendale, New Jersey, focused on privacy and technology matters. In his Feb. 8 opinion piece for CoinDesk, Santander’s Julio Faura suggests that “utility tokens are a bad idea” because it would be a “lie to ourselves” to suggest initial coin offerings (ICOs) were not …

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Keplertek – ICO Review

Keplertek is planning on creating artificial intelligence based are robotics programs. These programs will be available on the platform where different stakeholders will be connected as well. The developers, investors, as well as customers, will be able to communicate with the help of these platforms. The platform will be based …

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Telegram Raised $850 Million, But Was it an ICO?

The business model most people attribute to initial coin offering doesn’t always hold up. The recent Telegram “ICO” shows how some of these offerings are no longer accessible to the public. Changing the ICO Business Model If Telegram’s recent funding is an example, the concept of an ICO is no …

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Thrive – ICO Review

Title: Thrive emerging as the latest competitor of Google AdWords If you have ever done any sort of business online, chances are that you have used Google AdWords. People use it for the advertisement of their products, to generate leads and to convert leads into customers. What Google AdWords does …

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SaveDroid – ICO Review

Title: The easy way to access all your crypto wallets If you are a crypto lover then you must already have bought different coins and most probably they include the bitcoins, Ethereum, dash and the related popular coins. Since there are thousands of cryptocurrencies currently operating in the market and …

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In 10 Years We Won't Have Blockchains

Will Murphy is the vice president for blockchain at of, the company behind Botchain, a blockchain for managing autonomous intelligent agents. I predict that in 10 years blockchain technology will improve to a level that calling it “blockchain” will no longer be a useful term. Let’s think about this a moment. …

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